The Worble “From the Borders” Full Length

The Worble is one of the best things to happen to skateboarding lately. As a former resident of the great state of Vermont, I spent some time skating with these guys and can attest to just how much fun they have riding their skateboards. To them it’s not just a mere activity, but an experience best enjoyed with a group of close friends and an open mind. The Worble shows us that skateboarding is only limited by your own imagination and creativity; it doesn’t have to be a timed, judged and televised event to be fulfilling.

Here’s their full length film shot and edited by Tom Mull, titled “From the Borders” featuring Dave Mull, Steve Mull, Nate Benner and Alex Farrara. Big ups guys! Shoutout to Thrasher for sharing.

BrianThe Worble “From the Borders” Full Length

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