Throw Back Thursday! Kia World Extreme Games /每周四回顾-2015起亚世界极限运动大赛

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这次我们的本周回顾将为你带来Andy Mac在2014年起亚世界极限运动大赛耍的大招。今年的5月3日周六他会来我们的Iconx室内滑板场炫技哦。




(照片:Brian Kleiber又称布莱恩狮子




The 2015 Kia World Extreme Games will be in Shanghai THIS MONTH! Everyone at Iconx is quivering with excitement and eagerly anticipating the start date on Tuesday April 28th. This will be Shanghai’s 8th consecutive year hosting the competition and the city is preparing to welcome some of the best skateboarders on the planet. Get ready to see some seriously silky board skills!

We are dedicating this week’s Throw Back Thursday in honour of this world famous event. Here is a pic of Andy Mac doing a killer back side nose on the vert ramp during the 2014 Games. Catch Andy himself at our very own Iconx Indoor skate park on Sunday March 3rd when he will be giving a skateboard demo.

MASSIVE month ahead… See you there! #TBT

(photo credit Brian Kleiber- AKA Brian the Lion)

For more info about the Shanghai Kia World Extreme Games click on this link

LindalanboThrow Back Thursday! Kia World Extreme Games /每周四回顾-2015起亚世界极限运动大赛