Throw Back Thursday!

自我们在Iconx室内滑板室放上丝滑的新地板,已经有六个月啦。看看当时的工人为了置换新地板,还真的站到了地板里面呢! 更新地板以后,我们举办了包括生日晚会,滑板竞赛,夏令营等等的各式各样活动,招待了来自各年龄层的滑板爱好者,并让2015年成为Iconx最棒的一年!感谢所有每一个让这一切发生的你们! It has now been 6 months since we laid our silky smooth new floor at the Iconx Indoor Skate Park. Check out this snap from last January of one of the workers literally inside of the floor! Since its completion we have hosted skateboarders of all ages and backgrounds, had various events, birthday parties, competitions, camps etc… thus making 2015 the biggest year in Iconx’ history… and we’re only half way through! A big thanks to every one of you for being part of this.

LindalanboThrow Back Thursday!

Throw Back Thursday: Our 2008 Art Show in Beijing

For this week’s Throw Back Thursday we are rewinding back to 2008 when Iconx hosted an art show in Beijing. Our 18X36 metre indoor skate park in Shanghai is available for art shows, so spread the word and get in touch if you want to use our space. MASSIVE plans for this year so get involved! Indoor skate park address: 1594 Longwu Road, Xuhui, Shanghai. Tel no. (+86) 021 6215 2991 (both English and Chinese speaking). 这个星期四我们回顾了iconx在2008年北京举办的艺术展。 我们的室内滑板公园(18x36m)可以举行艺术展,如果你需要场地可以联系我们。今年有大量的计划,快来参与吧! 室内滑板公园地址:上海市徐汇区龙吴路1594号,电话: (+86) 021 6215 2991(中英文都可)。

LindalanboThrow Back Thursday: Our 2008 Art Show in Beijing