Halloween Family Party and Skate Jam!

Tomorrow is the day! The iconx Halloween Family Event and Skate Jam! 明天就是万圣节啦!iconx 万圣节-“家庭时间” 和滑板派对 (scroll down for English) Iconx万圣节派对就在明天! 期待已久的Iconx万圣节派对将在明天举行(星期六10月31日),我们诚恳地邀请你们参加这不容错过的活动。我们不仅准备了滑板供大家免费玩耍,还给小孩准备了DIY滑板,音乐,糖果…还有更不用说我们会给最佳穿着孩子颁发奖品!以及其他惊喜哟~ 我们的“家庭时间”活动时间将从1到4点。然后紧随其后的就是Iconx万圣节滑冰派对从下午4点一直持续到晚上~ 万圣节快乐! 希望能见到你。 地址:龙吴路1594号(靠近罗秀路) “家庭时间”活动价格:会员免费,非会员费用为50元(头盔/垫和滑板租赁也是完全免费的 ) 滑冰派对:对所有人免费!     Iconx Halloween Party – TOMORROW! The long anticipated Iconx Halloween Party is tomorrow (Saturday 31st October) and we cordially invite you all to this not-to-be-missed event. There will be skateboarding, DIY skateboard building, tunes, goodies… not to mention the awesome prize giveaways to the best dressed kids + other surprises! Our family event will be from 1 to 4pm and then this will be followed by the Iconx Halloween Skate Jam from 4:30pm to late! Happy Halloween! See you here. Address: 1594 …

LindalanboHalloween Family Party and Skate Jam!

家庭主题的沙滩派对Family Event: Beach Party

(Scroll Down for English) ICONX是一个非常令人激动的团队,对于我们即将到来的夏威夷主题沙滩派对在七月一日,周六那天。我们有很多令人惊奇的以夏威夷为主题的产品,包括很大的娱乐游泳池,椰子树和很多其它有意思的东西。同样会有很多超级棒的礼物送给最美的家长和孩子。 对于来参加的人这将是一个包裹了难忘和回忆的一天,因此,带上你的家人加入我们,要知道,这个活动不能没有您的声音,所以还请您经我们的活动传播出去,把它转发到朋友圈,让更多的人了解到我们这个充满自由的滑板平台。 等待着您的到来。 时间:8月1日  13:00-16:00 价格:成人免费,小孩50/人 地点:徐汇区,龙吴路1594号 On Saturday August 1st Iconx will hold a Hawaiian Style Beach Party at the indoor park! We have palm trees, a MASSIVE paddling pool, exotic food… not to mention the skateboarding fun, tunes and other surprises in store for you! Good vibes guaranteed! Get ready for what is bound to be Shanghai’s most fun and exotic Saturday of the month. We cordially invite you all, so please help us spread the word. See you here. ALOHA! Date/Time: Saturday 1st August 1 to 4pm Price: FREE for adults, 50rmb per child Prizes: Prize for the best dressed adult and child …

Lindalanbo家庭主题的沙滩派对Family Event: Beach Party

Throw Back Thursday!

自我们在Iconx室内滑板室放上丝滑的新地板,已经有六个月啦。看看当时的工人为了置换新地板,还真的站到了地板里面呢! 更新地板以后,我们举办了包括生日晚会,滑板竞赛,夏令营等等的各式各样活动,招待了来自各年龄层的滑板爱好者,并让2015年成为Iconx最棒的一年!感谢所有每一个让这一切发生的你们! It has now been 6 months since we laid our silky smooth new floor at the Iconx Indoor Skate Park. Check out this snap from last January of one of the workers literally inside of the floor! Since its completion we have hosted skateboarders of all ages and backgrounds, had various events, birthday parties, competitions, camps etc… thus making 2015 the biggest year in Iconx’ history… and we’re only half way through! A big thanks to every one of you for being part of this.

LindalanboThrow Back Thursday!

Iconx Weibo Account

Hey everyone! Do you have a Weibo account? If so, join our Iconx page. We have almost 4,500 members :). http://weibo.com/u/1973083103?topnav=1&wvr=6&topsug=1

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