Student of the Week! Juliaaaaaaaaan!

大家来认识一下Julian,一位十三岁的年轻板仔!他参加了Iconx第三周的滑板夏令营,在结束的那天他说道:滑板营很燥,我学会了以前不敢想的一些动作,现在却很溜,感谢Iconx。 整整一周,Julian一直在尝试做360flip,也就是传说中的打乱,在教练的专业指导和他自己刻苦的练习中,他在最后一天滑板营结束后,发信息给我:Riche,我现在很嗨,五分钟前,我终于成了大乱! Julian的不轻易放弃和刻苦练习的精神让我们不得不把Iconx本周的滑板之星!恭喜你,Julian,希望滑板能陪你走的更远! Meet Julian. He is only 13 years old, but he already seriously rips! He joined the Iconx Summer Camp Week 3, and afterwards said, “Camp was sick! I had so much fun and learnt loads of new tricks!”. It certainly was an honour having you on the team buddy! All week, Julian was trying to land a 360 flip. Over and over again he was trying this trick, and there was not a single point he was finding the task tedious. His sheer determination is something we love to see and it finally paid off for Julian! After yesterday’s camp Julian texted me saying “Riche I’m seriously …

LindalanboStudent of the Week! Juliaaaaaaaaan!

Iconx Summer Camp- Book before this Friday to get a 15% discount

(Scroll down for English) Iconx成员都非常兴奋得期待着下月即将开始的滑板夏令营 。离本周五5月15日能享受85折优惠的时间不多了哦,快行动起来吧。             We are seriously excited about the Iconx Summer Camp that is starting NEXT MONTH. The clock is ticking… Book your child’s place by this Friday 15th May and enjoy a 15% off. Get in contact and reserve your place now.   

LindalanboIconx Summer Camp- Book before this Friday to get a 15% discount