Student of the Week March 13th 2015

我们在此要大力 祝贺Anton成为本周的Iconx滑板之星!Anton来自瑞典,就读于耀中国际学习浦东校区。他这学期才开始学滑板可是他的滑板天赋已经尽展!图片上的他已经会做踢转啦。目前他正在学rock fakie和rock and roll。 Anton棒棒的! We would like to say a huge congratulations to little Anton for winning this week’s Iconx Student of the Week! Anton is from Sweden and he attends Yew Cheung International School in Pudong. He has only been taking after school lessons with Iconx for 1 semester but he is already ripping! Here is a pic of him to doing a killer kick turn. He also learnt other tricks such as the rock fakie and rock and roll this week. Well done Anton!

LindalanboStudent of the Week March 13th 2015