Iconx Skateboard Jam!

Last Saturday, Iconx had the first skateboard jam/ contest of the year at our indoor skate park! The team has been super psyched about this event for weeks and we were thrilled, well actually more like ecstatic, to show off our silky smooth new floor in our skate park- THE FIRST AND ONLY INDOOR SKATE PARK IN SHANGHAI! What a day it was! We hosted over 50 skateboarders of all levels and ages, from every corner of the world. Some of the tricks that were performed were well…. I can only describe it as ‘what dreams are made of’!  We had 3 contests; mini ramp, game of skate and best …

LindalanboIconx Skateboard Jam!

Iconx Skate Jam/Contest This Saturday 31st January!

Hey! Just a quick reminder that Iconx will be hosting a skateboard jam and contest this Saturday 31st January at our indoor skate park! We couldn’t be more excited for you to see our super silky smooth new floor. To say that it is delightful would certainly be an understatement! Entry to this event is completely free! We have loads of prize giveaways that include skate decks, a long board, shoes, skull candy headphones, and more! We will also be serving draught Asahi beer at 10 RMB a glass, and there will be a Xinjiang barbecue for 70RMB per person! Remember that everyone is welcome regardless of whether you skate …

LindalanboIconx Skate Jam/Contest This Saturday 31st January!

Kid’s skateboard experience. Safe. Indoors. This Saturday. FREE!

Hi everyone! This is a quick reminder that ICONX will be holding a children’s skateboard event this Saturday (24th January) at our Indoor skate park in Xuhui, Shanghai. If you have a child who is aged between 5 and 15 then bring them down for free skateboard lessons! We will be starting at 11am and finish around 3pm. Whether your child has never stood on a skateboard, or has a few years’ experience, our foreign (all native English speakers) and Chinese Skateboard teachers can teach them the sport we love. Iconx will also prepare a BBQ for 100RMB per person. If you purchase the BBQ you will be entered into …

LindalanboKid’s skateboard experience. Safe. Indoors. This Saturday. FREE!

Opening skate lesson for the kids at Yew Cheung International School in HongQiao

Yesterday (Thursday) some of the ICONX team went to Yew Cheung International School in HongQiao for a skateboard lesson. There were 11 excited children in the class who were all eager to ride the board. We divided them into a group of girls and boys and showed them the different parts of the skateboard and explained what they are used for. Then we taught them how to construct the board and everyone set up two boards in a real quick time! Bring on the next session!

LindalanboOpening skate lesson for the kids at Yew Cheung International School in HongQiao

Learn to Skateboard – Kid’s BBQ at Iconx Indoor Skatepark

  Iconx一直以来致力于把健康的滑板体验和文化带给学员们。我们为来自世界各地的学员们配备了经验丰富的中外滑板教练。 -The main focus of Iconx is to introduce skateboarding as positive experience and influence to our students. We have both international and local staff to accommodate a variety of students and class settings. -为了让中国孩子们体验滑板文化,Iconx将于1月24日(星期六)11点至3点为5岁至15岁的孩子们举办一场滑板开放教学体验活动,届时将会有很多滑板教练与孩子们开展有趣的活动。 -Iconx is going to have an open skate event for kids aged 5~15 on Saturday, January 24th from 11 AM – 3 PM. There will be many coaches there to help kids practice skateboarding skills and have fun! -还有机会赢取187 killer pads专业护具,更有来自美国加州长板大牌Dusters的长板哦! -Chance to win 187 killer pads, Dusters long boards, and more if you purchase barbecue! -大朋友和小朋友们一起来玩吧! -Come and join us! Bring your kids, learn skateboarding, see our new park, and have an awesome …

BrianLearn to Skateboard – Kid’s BBQ at Iconx Indoor Skatepark
iconx indoor skatepark shanghai

Indoor Skatepark Sessions

Last night we had a little send-off session for Jude and while we may be saying goodbye to a good friend, we ended up making a bunch of new ones while we were at it. Here’s a shot of us and a few of the new homies at our indoor skatepark.

BrianIndoor Skatepark Sessions