Halloween Family Party and Skate Jam!

Tomorrow is the day! The iconx Halloween Family Event and Skate Jam! 明天就是万圣节啦!iconx 万圣节-“家庭时间” 和滑板派对 (scroll down for English) Iconx万圣节派对就在明天! 期待已久的Iconx万圣节派对将在明天举行(星期六10月31日),我们诚恳地邀请你们参加这不容错过的活动。我们不仅准备了滑板供大家免费玩耍,还给小孩准备了DIY滑板,音乐,糖果…还有更不用说我们会给最佳穿着孩子颁发奖品!以及其他惊喜哟~ 我们的“家庭时间”活动时间将从1到4点。然后紧随其后的就是Iconx万圣节滑冰派对从下午4点一直持续到晚上~ 万圣节快乐! 希望能见到你。 地址:龙吴路1594号(靠近罗秀路) “家庭时间”活动价格:会员免费,非会员费用为50元(头盔/垫和滑板租赁也是完全免费的 ) 滑冰派对:对所有人免费!     Iconx Halloween Party – TOMORROW! The long anticipated Iconx Halloween Party is tomorrow (Saturday 31st October) and we cordially invite you all to this not-to-be-missed event. There will be skateboarding, DIY skateboard building, tunes, goodies… not to mention the awesome prize giveaways to the best dressed kids + other surprises! Our family event will be from 1 to 4pm and then this will be followed by the Iconx Halloween Skate Jam from 4:30pm to late! Happy Halloween! See you here. Address: 1594 …

LindalanboHalloween Family Party and Skate Jam!


This is a final reminder that Iconx will host a FREE Skate Jam TONIGHT, from 6pm to late! Come and join our skate community, check out some awesome skating and listen to some tunes… Great vibes through the roof… GUARANTEED! Oh… and we have 3 kegs of delicious Kirin Draught Beer (Only available for 18+). (Share this post on your we chat moments for your chance to win a free skate deck worth up to 50 USD!)