Halloween Family Party and Skate Jam!

Tomorrow is the day! The iconx Halloween Family Event and Skate Jam! 明天就是万圣节啦!iconx 万圣节-“家庭时间” 和滑板派对 (scroll down for English) Iconx万圣节派对就在明天! 期待已久的Iconx万圣节派对将在明天举行(星期六10月31日),我们诚恳地邀请你们参加这不容错过的活动。我们不仅准备了滑板供大家免费玩耍,还给小孩准备了DIY滑板,音乐,糖果…还有更不用说我们会给最佳穿着孩子颁发奖品!以及其他惊喜哟~ 我们的“家庭时间”活动时间将从1到4点。然后紧随其后的就是Iconx万圣节滑冰派对从下午4点一直持续到晚上~ 万圣节快乐! 希望能见到你。 地址:龙吴路1594号(靠近罗秀路) “家庭时间”活动价格:会员免费,非会员费用为50元(头盔/垫和滑板租赁也是完全免费的 ) 滑冰派对:对所有人免费!     Iconx Halloween Party – TOMORROW! The long anticipated Iconx Halloween Party is tomorrow (Saturday 31st October) and we cordially invite you all to this not-to-be-missed event. There will be skateboarding, DIY skateboard building, tunes, goodies… not to mention the awesome prize giveaways to the best dressed kids + other surprises! Our family event will be from 1 to 4pm and then this will be followed by the Iconx Halloween Skate Jam from 4:30pm to late! Happy Halloween! See you here. Address: 1594 …

LindalanboHalloween Family Party and Skate Jam!

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Iconx滑板配件新货到拉,桥,板面,轮子更有五十块一件吐血的CircaT恤和卫衣,来我们的滑板场了解更多资讯吧 1594龙吴路(近罗秀路)Iconx滑板场每天营业(除了周一)在每周二周四和周末有丰富的课程和开发时间段。联系方式(info@iconx.com)   Check out some of the awesome skate products at the Iconx indoor skate park. We have a huge range of skate decks, skate hardware, cruisers and longboards and we are currently having a major sale on Circa T-shirts and hoodies- only 50rmb a piece! Come and see for yourself, have a skate and join our community… GOOD VIBES GUARANTEED! Address: 1594 Longwu Lu (near Luoxiu Lu). The shop is open every day (apart from Monday) and skateboard lessons/ open skates are every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Contact us (info@iconx.com) for more info.

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