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IMG_0659Every week the Iconx team teaches skateboarding at different schools around Shanghai and at our indoor skate park.  We have over 100 enthusiastic students of all ages and different backgrounds. Some of these little monsters are improving faster than we could have ever imagined, so we want to show the world the future of skateboarding in Shanghai.

Once a week we will pick a student that has improved, showed a better attitude, or has performed their first gnarly trick. They will have the honour of being the Iconx student of the week!

We are going to start this at Livingston American School with 6 year old Yuki from Japan. Yuki started skateboarding with us last year. At first he couldn’t really speak English or stand on a skateboard. Now he can speak fluent English and he performed his first Ollie! Although Yuki has a really high pitched scream that he likes to shout A LOT, we are really proud of him.  Congratulations Yuki you little legend!






第一个Iconx每周之星学生是来自李文斯顿美国学校6岁的日本学生Yuki.Yuki 从去年开始就参加了Iconx滑板课。起初他英语说得不自信,从没滑过板。现在呢他英语说得很流利并且已经会做Ollie了。尽管Yuki声线很高不时地喜欢叫两声,但我们真得为他骄傲。恭喜你Yuki!

IMG_0658 IMG_0678

LindalanboStudent of the Week!

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