Student of the Week 27th February 2015

dan the man

春节后的首个礼拜Iconx的成员们就已经投入繁忙的工作中了。在新的一年,我们迎来了许多新学生,其中大多数的学生很有滑板天赋呢!这让我们对于每周滑板之星的选择更纠结了。本周我们的每周滑板之星的获得者是来自德国的Daniel。我们通常叫他 Dan the man, Daniel在上海英国学校上学,他已经上了5节Iconx滑板课了。头两节滑板课的时候,Daniel很害羞,因为是第一次学滑板所以显得很紧张。现在Daniel变得非常有自信,尽管有时候挺调皮的,但他将会是下一个小滑手!同时,我们来看看他的中国风服装吧,是不是挺炫酷的?

恭喜Daniel成为本周滑板之星。Iconx在平时的教学中很注重孩子对自信心的培养,Dan the man就是个很好的例子。

The first week back after Chinese New Year has been a busy, yet great week for Iconx. We have many new students and most of their skateboarding skills are improving faster than we could have imagined! This has made choosing this week’s student of the week especially difficult.

We have decided to give this week’s award to Daniel, from Germany, who attends the British International School in Pudong. Daniel (A.K.A Dan the man) has been taking skateboard lessons with Iconx for 5 weeks. During the first 2 lessons he was very shy, and nervous to stand on a skateboard for the first time. Now, Daniel is full of confidence and although sometimes he is a cheeky monkey, he is becoming an awesome little skateboarder! Also, his Chinese New Year costume is…well, pretty rad!

Congratulations Daniel for winning this week’s student of the week award. Improving children’s confidence is one of our main goals at Iconx and Dan the man is a perfect example of this.

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