Skateparks in Shanghai

Whether you’re coming to town for a short visit, moving here indefinitely or just looking for other places to skate, we figured it’d be a good idea to create a page highlighting all of the best places to ride a skateboard in Shanghai. Sure, Shanghai is one of the best cities in the world for street skating, but sometimes you just want a mellow session. If you’re looking to kick it and learn some new tricks, skateparks are of the essence. Here’s our list of the best parks & places to skate in Shanghai.

SMP Skatepark


image via Bryan Soderlind

For a while, SMP was the biggest skatepark in the world (that title know belongs to the Guanzhou Skatepark). It’s still definitely the biggest park that I’ve ever skated, with a number of different sized bowls ranging from 6 to 14 feet deep and assorted stairs, rails, ledges & bumps, it’s got something for everyone. A day pass will cost you about 30 RMB, but if you arrive before 10 am you can enjoy a day of free skating.

Address: 2100 Songhu Rd, Shanghai, 200438, PR China

Website: SMP Skatepark 

Hours: 9 am – dusk

Cost: One year member card: 980 RMB | Day pass: 30 RMB | Group Purchase (same day): 20 RMB per person | Early Bird (show up before 10 am): Free

DirectionsSMP Skatepark is located at the end of Metro Line 10 North, off the Xinjianwancheng Stop. Take the exit to Songhu Rd and head north for about 10 minutes. SMP skatepark will be on your right behind the Sports Center.

Top Toys


image via City Weekend

Top Toys is a great place if you’re looking for relax for the day and skate a variety of stuff. The main park is filled with everything you’d expect, including quarter pipes, a hip, a large euro gap, some boxes, a vert ramp and super fun mini ramp (just watch out for the holes in the flat bottom). On the outside of the fence, you’ll find a small street section with flatbars, boxes, ledges and other various objects.

Website: N/A

Address: 655 Yuanshen Lu, near Zhangyang Lu, Pudong, China

Hours: 10 am – dusk.

Cost: Free

Directions: Take line 2 east towards Pudong to Century Avenue. Transfer to line 6 and take it 1 stop to Yuanshen Stadium. The subway exit will bring you right to the park.

Bin Jiang Skatepark


Bin Jiang Skatepark is a great place to go on a nice day. It’s located right alongside the Huangpu River, next to the boardwalk. The park is made up of various bank ramps, ledges, a handrail, a few hubbas, a long flatbar, hips and a super fun bank-to-ledge. This is a great place to skate at night too since there are lights on each night until at least 11 PM (could be later, I’ve just never stayed past 11).

Website: N/A

Address: Longteng Ave, near Dong’an Rd.

Hours: Dawn – 11 PM.

Cost: Free

Directions: Take line 7 to Middle Longhua Rd. Head south on Dong’an until you hit Longteng. Turn left and you’ll see the park just ahead on the right.

Notes: I’d suggest bringing some water and refreshments to this park though, as there’s not much within skating distance.

Jinqiao Skatepark – Pudong

The Jinqiao skatepark is a ton of fun. It’s a small concrete park with a 1.6 m deep bowl, plaza section with granite ledges and steel rails. 

Website: N/A


Love Park aka LP

LP aka Love Park in Shanghai Skateboarding

Normally, I wouldn’t go and post directions to a street spot online, but LP is the most-frequented spot in Shanghai; it’s to Shanghai as MACBA is to Barcelona. You’re not going to get kicked out here, just make sure to be respectful and pick up your trash when you leave. On any given day, you’re likely to see a handful of skateboarders hanging out and playing games of S.K.A.T.E. on the perfect flatground. LP is a great meet-up spot as well as the perfect place to go if you’re looking to have a mellow session with some friends. It’s also a good place to meet other skaters if you’re new to the city or just visiting. As mentioned, it’s got some perfect flatground as well as a nice 3-stair to practice on, assorted ledges and good vibes.

Website: None

Address: Jinling Middle Road & Xizang South Road

Hours: 24 hours – lights are on all night.

Cost:  Free

Directions: Take subway Line 8 to the Dashije station. Get out at Exit 3 and walk straight for 5 meters – you’ll see the ledges, flatground and three stair.

Iconx Indoor Skatepark


The Iconx Indoor Skatepark is Shanghai’s first indoor skatepark to be built and open to the public. The park officially opened on June 20th and while it’s still a work in progress, it’s the best place to go skate on a rainy day. The park is equipped with a perfect 5′ mini ramp, a 2-flat-2 double set, two handrails (round & square), a steep bank feature, various 5′ quarter pipes, a bunch of different sized boxes and a few more assorted items. Currently, the park’s hours are Thursdays 6:30-9 and Saturdays & Sundays from 5-8 PM. It’s 50 RMB to skate (without a membership) and a helmet is required. If you have a membership,

Address:  1594 Longwu Lu Xuhui, Shanghai, China 200231 | 上海市龙吴路1594号

Hours: Thursday 6:30-9 & Saturday/Sunday 5-8

Cost: 50 RMB (without membership). Membership is 100 RMB, which allows you to skate the park for 25 RMB per session. Yearly passes are available for 600 RMB.

Directions: Visit our Directions Page for the step-by-step route.

Notes: Helmet is required.


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