Reminder about this Saturday’s Field Trip to the Extreme Games




-10am                 到Iconx室内滑板场上课

-11am                 美味的食物

-11:20am            与ISP教练一起去起亚极限比赛

-12pm-4:30pm    一起观看世界职业选手的比赛
-4:30pm              与ISP教练一起回到Iconx室内滑板场

-5pm-9pm           在Iconx室内滑板场继续滑板(如果当天下来你还有体力)


在哪集合:Iconx室内滑板场 龙吴路1594号

价格:小孩800rmb 家长400rmb






This Saturday 2nd May Iconx will have a field trip to the infamous Shanghai KIA World Extreme Games. Get prepared for an action-packed day full of fun, and check out some of the world’s best professionals in a variety of extreme sports.

-10am- Come to the park for a morning lesson

-11am-Tasty lunch

-11:20am- We will get on a private coach from the Iconx Indoor Park to the Extreme Games.

-12pm-4:30pm- Feast your eyes on some mind-boggling extreme sports performances!

-4:30pm- Head back to the Iconx Indoor Skate Park with a private coach

-5pm-9pm- More skateboard practice at our skate park (that’s if you’re not too tired from the full-on day)

Time: 10am-4:30pm (with an option to carry on skateboarding at our park until 9pm)

Where to meet: The Iconx Indoor Skate Park, 1594 Longwu Road

Price: Children 800rmb, Adults 500rmb

Included: Skateboard Lesson, round trip transport from the indoor skate park to the Extreme Games in a private coach, Extreme Games pass/ticket, lunch, insurance


Note: Timings can be tentative and maybe subject to change

LindalanboReminder about this Saturday’s Field Trip to the Extreme Games