Iconx索道滑水野营活动 Iconx Wakeboarding Field Trip


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这是一个超级有趣的活动,也是孩子们开学前最后一次狂欢。因为是夏令营活动里的一周,所以无需支付额外费用。加入我们下周的夏令营(8月10日周一- 8月14日周五),然后我们将在8月14日周五去野营。



Iconx still has two and a half weeks of summer camp remaining and boy do we have a treat for the kids next week. We will be taking a field trip to have an introduction to wakeboarding and have fun on the beach at Fengxian Water Park!

For those new to wakeboarding, it is related to snowboarding, skateboarding and other board sports, and our students will wear a life jacket and helmet and use their skateboarding skills on water. Awesome right!

This is a super-fun activity and great for the kids to have one last splash of summer before they are back to school. Plus it is no additional cost from the week of summer camp. Join us for the week of summer camp (Mon 10th-Fri 14th August) and then we will be going on the field trip on Friday 14th August.

This is a complete introduction so no prior experience is necessary. We will be taught by professional wakeboarding instructors from Shanghai Bihaijinsha Cable Park, and safety is the number one priority.

Experience skateboarding AND wakeboarding with Iconx during next week’s summer camp. For further info call Coach Alex on (+86) 1891 8497 646, or send us an email (info@iconx.com).

Date: Friday 14th August

Included: Return transport via minivan to and from the skate park, insurance, wakeboard instruction

Sponsors: GoPro, Skullcandy

If parents would like to join then contact us.

Note: We need a minimum of 12 kids for this event so please help us spread the word

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