Our First Birthday Party at the Iconx Indoor Skate Park!

Massivemo’s Birthday Party­­­

Iconx recently hosted the first birthday party at our new indoor skate park. It was Massimo (AKA Massivemo), one of our student’s 10th birthday party, and boy did we have fun!


We had 2 and half hours of skateboarding, games, frisbee, food, songs and plenty of laughter! Everyone was seriously impressed with the improvement of all of the kids’ skateboarding in just a short time. Some of them had never stood on a board before and ended the day knowing how to kick turn. The girls were a bit.. well, a bit sceptical about skateboarding at the beginning. At the start of the party they were saying that “we hate skateboarding”, but they were really into it at the end and were saying that “we now love skateboarding!”.


One of the coaches’ favourite part of the day was when we all sang the happy birthday song in 4 different languages (English, Chinese, Italian and French)! Of course we also enjoyed the delicious feast that was provided by Massimo’s Mum.

Our skate park is available for future birthday parties and we are booking up quick. The Iconx park is the first and only indoor skate park in Shanghai, and it is the best place to be for birthday parties for any age (I’m definitely having my 27th party here!). As well as skateboarding, our coaches incorporate a number of games to make it a fun, creative learning experience.  We can also arrange skateboarding cakes, Iconx T-shirts, skateboards etc. For more information about these parties, our schedule and more, then contact one of our staff members.


Skate Park Address:

1594 Longwu Road, Xuhui, Shanghai 200231

Office/ Skate Shop Address:

1415 Nan Suzhou Road (4th Floor), near Xinzha Road metro on line 1

Tel no. (+86) 021 6215 2991­­­­­­­­­

Iconx最近在室内滑板场主持了第一场生日派对,小寿星是来自意大利的Massivemo,他在Iconx的滑板教学中表现良好,热爱滑板的他如愿以偿的在酷炫的室内滑板场中度过了一个独特的十岁生日。              在充满孩子笑声的两个半小时里,我们与孩子们一起滑板,游戏,唱歌,吃蛋糕。所有家长都很惊讶小孩们在如此短时间内滑板上的进步,在派对开始时一些小孩在此之前从没有站上过滑板,结束时却已经学会了kick turn,就在开始抵触滑板的女孩子们在教练的引导中,最后都说到:“我们现在很爱滑板。”            教练们最爱的一个环节是大家聚在一起用四种语言唱生日快乐(中文,英语,意大利语,法语)也特别感谢Massimo妈妈给大家带来的大餐!                                                                                                                 我们现在的室内滑板场已经正式开业,已经可以接受各种生日派对,公司派对,活动的预定。Iconx的室内滑板场是上海第一家也是唯一一家。尤其适合主持各个年龄段的生日派对,我就准备在这度过我的27岁生日,在生日派对上,我们不但可以滑板,我们的教练团队也会想出好玩的游戏让孩子们拥有一个有意义,难忘的经验。我们现在提前预定也可以安排滑板主题生日蛋糕,Iconx的T恤,滑板等。如想进一步了解或疑问,请联系Iconx的任何一个成员即可。

滑板场地址: 上海徐汇区龙吴路1594号  邮编200231                                                                                                                                   Iconx公司和滑板店地址:                                                                                                                                                                      上海静安区南苏州路1415号4楼(靠近一号线新闸路站)        电话(+86)021 6215 2991

LindalanboOur First Birthday Party at the Iconx Indoor Skate Park!

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