When and how can I pay?

1. You can pay online through our activities page.

2. Pay the first day of camp, cash or card. We accept all major credit cards.

Do you provide fapiaos (receipts)?

Yes, we can provide an official fapiao on a business day Monday- Friday. If you need a

fapiao from a weekend session, it can be provided the following week.

Is there a refund policy?

Send us an email if you’d like a refund for any reason.

What happens if we miss a class?

1. If you miss a school session, there is no make up class available.

2. If you have a 5 session lesson package you must use it within the 2 month window.

Is there an age limit?

The age limit is 5 years old and up. Adults are also encouraged join if they would like. We have professional coaches that have experience teaching students of 3 years of age to 55.

Is skateboarding safe?

Yes, skateboarding is safe if approached correctly.

1. Our professional coaches are trained to ensure the students safety. We are there to work with the kids, hold their hands when needed, make sure they aren’t doing anything out of their skill levels, and keep a close eye on them at all times.

2. We require pads to be worn when on a skateboard (helmet, elbow pads, knee pads, and wrist pads)

3. We provide accident insurance for each student everyday of camp. In case of an emergency, we will bring them to the hospital nearest to our location.

Are your classes only for beginners?

No. Between all staff members, we have over 50 years of skateboarding experience. We build our class structure based off of each students needs. We have taught people getting on a skateboard for the first time to very advanced skateboarders learning more difficult things.

How does class work?

The art and sport of skateboarding is a very flexible activity. Therefore our classes are flexible. We tailor our classes to the ages, skill levels, and group dynamic. There are structured segments of class with activities, food / water breaks, and games in between.

Do you provide private lessons?

Yes, we can provide private lessons upon appointment. There is a minimum group of 3 students. Send us an email if you’d like a private lesson! Privet lesson should be 1 on 1?

Do we need to bring our own equipment?

There are three equipment options:

1. You can buy equipment from our skateboard shop inside our Indoor Skatepark located at 1594 Longwu Lu Xuhui, Shanghai, China 200231 上海市龙吴路1594号

2. You can rent equipment for the week 200 RMB (40 RMB per day)

3. You can bring your own equipment, please see our equipment information page at ww.iconx.com/ to learn more about safe and proper equipment standards

We provide the students the skills to take home and continue to learn on their own. From our experience, if students have their own equipment – they are able to practice what they have learned from class and continue progress on their own. Many times students will come back to class with questions to perfect a maneuver or express their excitement of what they have learned not their own at home.

Where will the lessons be?

We like to keep things fresh and interesting. That being said, on occasion we like to take kids to different skate parks around the city otherwise we always have the option to utilize the new Iconx Indoor Skatepark, great for a rainy day. This allows them to react with different skateboard environments and parks to work on different skills.

What do you do when it rains?

We have our own private indoor skate park in case of rain or high pollution levels.

Can we come watch?

Of course! We would love for you to see your kids having fun with their new friends and learning together.

Do you have birthday party packages?

Yes, it is the newest and best option for kids in Shanghai to celebrate their birthday! Enquire within for details.

Do we need to register for class or can we just shop up when we want?

Must register by Wednesday for any classes, otherwise we may have turn you away if we are at capacity.